BX8 8-Channel Amplifier System

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The BX8 is the newest addition to Interface’s family of measurement systems. Easy enough for the inexperienced user but powerful enough for the sophisticated test engineer, with the BX8 anyone can be up and measuring in minutes. Designed specifically for use with mV/V output sensors such as force, torque and pressure along with PT1000 thermocouples, and +/-10V output sensors, the BX8 puts graphing, logging and display capabilities at a user’s fingertips. The BX8 also includes ¼ and ½ bridge completion for seamless integration of strain gage measurements. Eight independent, user configurable, 16-bit scalable analog outputs can be connected to external devices.
The BX8 is ideally suited for use with 6-axis sensors requiring axis load calculations. The sensor coefficient matrix can be loaded internally into the BX8 via software interface and the outputs are actively scaled according to the calculations. All channels are sampled simultaneously and fully synchronized. When purchased with a 6-axis sensor, the system will arrive pre-configured and ready to use.