Digital Probes with In line Connectors

A complimentary range to the standard hard wired digital transducer, where the Orbit® electronics and the transducer have an in-line connector. The connector can be mounted close to the probe so that the probe can be replaced without having to unthread / thread the cable. Probes can be replaced without any reprogramming of the controlling software. The small diameter of the connector allows easy machine installation.

Combining multiple sensors using the Orbit Digital Measurement network is easy and data can be read using a Solartron readout or the Gauge Computer Software making system integration simple.

Attention to detail in both design and manufacture of the displacement sensor ensures precision measurement throughout the linear displacement transducer’s life.

Solartron Metrology offers a large range of displacement sensors to suit multiple applications with different cable outlets (radial or axial), multiple measuring ranges, different cable types like steel braided which provides additional protection for displacement sensors that are being used in harsh environments.

  • In Line Option available with most probe types
  • Linearity 0.15% To 0.2%
  • All others parameters are same as digital probes