KAL100 Serie 3

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Pressure calibration device with integrated pressure generator for stationary and mobile applications

Special features

    • High level of accuracy and long-term stability through automatic zero-point calibration
    • Available for 4 measurement ranges
    • Simple menu navigation for unit conversion, setting calibration points and setting the measurement range
    • Menu navigation in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish
    • Generation of positive and negative differential pressures
    • Can be calibrated
    • Easy to operate and produce calibration curves via optional USB port and PC

The KAL 100 calibration device combines a pressure transmitter and pressure gauge. These can be used to test and calibrate pressure sensors and other pressure gauges for low pressures both quickly and easily. The desired pressure is indicated on the digital display and pressure is generated quickly and precisely through the use of a closed loop, thereby eliminating the need for an external pressure generator.