The TorqSense Digital rotary strain gauge series (SGR) Transducers. With a separate electronics module, the transducers use non contact technology eliminating the need for noisy slip rings. The SGR530/540 series torque sensors are suitable for torque measuring, testing, feedback control of drive mechanisms and process control applications.

The SGR series transducers use modern strain gauge signal conditioning techniques to provide a high bandwidth low cost torque measuring solution with high overrange and overload capabilities.


Transducers from 175mNm to 13000Nm
Large fully functional overrange capability of 250% (SGR540)
Separate digital electronics
Minimal side and end load errors
Low linearity deviation of ± 0.05% FSD
Low hysteresis error of ± 0.05% FSD
Zero variation in torque signal with rotation (cyclic variation)
Non contact signal transmission, no slip rings to wear out
High digital sample rate of 4000 samples per second
Adjustable torque data smoothness, low pass filter (SGR540)
Speed measurement / Power computation
Wide power supply range 12-32 VDC
Compatible with ethernet gateway module
Lifetime Warranty