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The DPI610E (-IS) is the latest addition to Druck’s proven DPI600 Series. Druck’s new pressure calibrator combines effortless pressure measurement and generation, signal measurement and loop power with significantly improved pump capabilities and a powerful touch and button user interface.

The “iconic Druck” design of the DPI610E has been engineered for instrument technicians, using input from those working in the field. Using Druck’s in-house sensor technology, the DPI610E offers total 1 year uncertainty down to 0.025% FS over a wide temperature range. Available in commercial and intrinsically safe versions, the DPI610E is an ideal solution for your test and calibration application.

Product features
Druck DPI610E-IS retains the iconic handle, the ease of use, and the robust, reliable design of the legacy DPI601/605/610/615 units – but offers new functionality including:
• The complete pressure calibration tool provides expanded pressure ranges:
o Vacuum to 35 bar/500 psi/3.5 MPa pneumatic pressures with inbuilt barometer for accurate pseudo pressure measurements
o Up to 1000 bar/15000 psi/100 MPa hydraulic pressures
• An internal barometer with barometer port for easy calibration
• A fast response touchscreen display with a high contrast, backlit display
• USB port for transferring data or performing firmware upgrades
• Enhanced battery life with over 60 hours continual use from a single, 2 hour charge
• Easy to use interface with touchscreen and/or button navigation
• Basic HART functionality included